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 There are basically two classes of awnings: residential and commercial. Both types share many of the same style and shape attributes and are for the most part indistinguishable. Residential awnings are a cost effective way make your home stand out from the rest.






pipe awning.jpg

"Old Style" Threaded Galvanized pipe frames recovered in Sunbrella 6040-0000 Black Cherry Awning/Marine fabric. These 30+ year old awning frames still look great today.

Custom Awnings

Awnings are both practicle and aestically pleasing. They can protect interior drapes, furnishings, and floor coverings from undue fading and are a great way to expand your outdoor living space. An awning will provide shade as well as rain and wind protection, while adding style and beauty to your home. They will also block the suns ray's before it reaches the window making them very effective at reducing energy cost as well. We custom manufacture residential awnings and canopies in any size or shape and have hundreds of fabric styles to choose from, let us design your new awning today!

teal residential awning.jpg
commercial awning 002.jpg

Although there are many fabric choices and options to choose from, we can design custom stripes or color combinations that are not readily available. All of our prouducts that are sewn and assembled in our facility are inspected ready for installation before they leave our shop.

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