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The Valance 

Awning Valance
Valance types

          There are basically only two types of valance's to consider when choosing your new awning, a "fixed" or "rigid" valance or a free hanging, sometimes called "loose" valance. The loose valance can be scalloped or cut to in many different styles to compliment the architecture of the building or to simply add flair. Once cut the edge of the fabric is then finished with an acrylic braid to prevent fraying.

Awning Valance Styles
Valance Styles

 The "Valance" of an awning is the short piece of fabric ( usually between 6" - 8" ) that hangs below the awning frame. For the most part it is decorative, however it does add over-all height to the awning which in turn adds more sun protection, thus adding a valance is the least expensive way to get the most shade protection out of your new awning. We offer 10 standard styles of valance and can custom match any existing style. Click here to see our valance selection.

awning braid
Valance edge-binding

The cut edge of the valance is finished with a edge-binding material (Acrylic awning braid) which is available in 33 standard colors and can either match or contrast the awning fabric color. We use Sunbrella acrylic awning braid which is 100 percent solution dyed. Click here to see our acrylic braid color chart.

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