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Retractable Awnings

        We are proud to offer new retractable awning units that are 100% European made and assembled in the United States. These are the highest quality retractable awnings available anywhere!

       They feature heavy gauge engineered aluminum components and steel wall mount bar with long lasting powder-coated finishes and all stainless steel rust resistant hardware. These frames are available in three color choices, White, Beige and Brown.

       They come in both manual operation and electric motor controlled models.

       The electric motor options include manual over-ride and remote control operation, also available with wind sensor technology which will automatically retract the awning in case of high wind situations whether you are home or not! 

       They are assembled in the Orlando factory location so any replacement parts or accessories are always readily  available without the pain-staking wait as is with other out of state manufacturers.

     Call Today for a fast and free estimate!  (407) 942-4033  

2 Retractable Awnings Brown
Retractable Awnings
Retractable awning Sunbrella fabric

     Awning Recover Specialist manufactures all of our retractable awning covers so they are available in all of the 144 plus colors and patterns available from Sunbrella fabrics. We also offer a variety vinyl fabric options such as Weblon Coastline Plus or Patio 500 if that is your preference. 

     All of our valance and trim options offered on our standard awnings are also available for these retractable units.

Why Choose a Retractable Awning? 

•    A retractable awning allows you to control the awnings projection in regards to the building which it is attached to, therefore allowing you to conveniently control the amount of sunlight or shade according to your taste or needs.

•    Retractable awnings have the ability to be closed easily in the event of a storm, so they are storm friendly. Electric models can do this automatically.

•    Since by design most retractable's are not opened all of the time the awning fabric can and usually does last much longer than conventional fixed awnings therefore does not require fabric replacement as often.

•    Retractable awnings can project long distance without the need for front legs or support so this makes them ideal in situations where one cannot or don't want to have their view obstructed.

•    When retractable awnings are in the closed position they have a very low profile appearance. Most HOA'S are more accepting towards retractable awnings for this reason.

Retractable Awning
Retractable patio awning
Retractable Awning Red and White Stripe
Retractable awning illustration

           Illustration of a M-1440V

     Our retractable frames are made of the highest quality materials available. Some of the features that are incorporated in our units are not used in other manufacturers frames costing more money and should be taken into account when planning on purchasing a retractable awning.

       Our "arms" are double cable type, with high strength springs for longer lasting use. Also, with a 35 degree pitch adjustment they can be positioned for maximum amount of protection. Each arm has an independent pitch adjustment and can easily be changed in minutes using the provided hand crank. 

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